Would you qualify for the x10 Fast-track?

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or inventor, would your business qualify for the x10 Fast Track? What stage is your business at?  And what is your x10 Growth Potential?

x10 Growth Matrix developed by x10 PARTNERS

Would your business qualify for the x10 Fast Track? 

Let’s find out…Start with these ELEVEN questions:

  1. Is your business beyond Stage 4 in its business growth?
  2. Do you have disruptive ‘game-changing’ technology, products or services?
  3. Do you know your core competences and the basis for your current and future competitive advantage?
  4. Do you understand the competitive landscape and how this is likely to evolve? (You may not be the only disrupter out there, so don’t just think about the incumbents.)
  5. Why is your solution unique?
  6. Do you understand your value proposition, how this can be monetised, and how your revenues and profits will be derived?
  7. Have you segmented your market and defined your Ideal Customers?
  8. Why will your offerings be commercially compelling for your target customers? How is this likely to evolve?
  9. Is there a global market for your products or services?
  10. Is the demand likely to grow? What third party data do you have to substantiate this?
  11. What do you need for the business to scale globally?


These are some questions to consider.  Our Initial Screening has over seventy (70) criteria we use to assess the growth potential and readiness of a business.

If you think you’re ready to talk, then contact x10 PARTNERS.