Assessing and investing in technology businesses can be time-consuming, difficult and high risk, especially for people not experienced in the innovation sector and technology businesses.

It’s easy to make a new tech business sound good. There are plenty of great tech ideas, but very few end up being great businesses.

x10 PARTNERS bring you the capability to evaluate and identify the right deal. We can assess if a business truly has global potential and is a disruptive game changer, rather than just a superficially ‘good idea’ that won’t work in the rapidly changing tech marketplace.

Our unique ‘x10 Growth Potential’ Diagnostic process drills down into the business to thoroughly assess it. Is the business a Star or a Dog?  Is it a global game-changer or is it seriously flawed?  Will it fly or will it fail?   We can help you find out before it’s too late!

We help investors and listed companies avoid coming unstuck in the ‘tech-wreck’ graveyard by making better selection decisions and by de-risking your investment.

With x10 PARTNERS on your team, you can make better decisions to invest in remarkable technology companies that have massive global potential for extraordinary growth.

Looking for help to assess technology business opportunities? Talk with x10 PARTNERS today.