Here’s how we fast-track remarkable businesses

x10 PARTNERS identify and work with technology-based businesses that have immense intrinsic potential in their field or niche, or have the potential to create an entirely new market.

With the help of our local and global expert networks, we actively participate in the preparation, management and execution of agile business plans that monetise the potential inherent in these businesses.

Part of the x10 process includes leveraging the business via public capital markets. This may be by a public listing via an IPO (Initial Public Offering) or RTO (Reverse Take Over) back-door listing. Where appropriate, x10 facilitates access to expansion capital through private equity, strategic corporate investment or new partnerships; or positions the business for acquisition or trade sale.

x10 Growth Matrix developed by x10 PARTNERS

Initial Screening

Businesses must pass our rigorous screening and evaluation. They must be ready for our pragmatic guidance and for the investment of time, expertise and funds to get their business on the x10 fast track.

Our screening comprehensively assesses the current status of the business and its potential to rapidly gain traction in the market to become a major global player in its chosen industry or niche.  We evaluate the x10 Growth Potential for the business to achieve exponential growth, rather than slower straight-line (Linear) growth, or no traction at all.

Developing new ideas and concepts is important; however the x10 focus is on ‘Commercial Reality’. We engage with businesses ready for rapid commercialisation. (Stage 5 and beyond…)  This is where the x10 PARTNERS network adds the most value to the business.


preparation-tips-for-business-presentingAfter the initial screening and engagement with the business, we use our structured x10 commercialisation roadmap methodologies to prepare the business for fast-track growth.

The x10 PARTNERS get a lot done quickly. We form a specialist taskforce with the appropriate skills and experience to work on the business roadmap. We also bring additional specialists from our extensive network of finance, legal, accounting, marketing, intellectual property and project management experts on to the taskforce as required.

For private businesses morphing into publicly listed companies through IPO or RTO, x10 PARTNERS prepare the company for the independent scrutiny of Due Diligence.

Funding the Fast-Track

The x10 PARTNERS network includes a variety of investment syndicates, funds, angel investors, private investors, and stockbrokers as well as ASX listed companies looking for new high growth business opportunities.

With help from the x10 network, we assist in attracting the investment needed to both engage x10 PARTNERS as well as fund the execution of the associated fast-track business development roadmap.

Ongoing Journey

Working with the various parties, x10 PARTNERS then helps to execute the strategic plan.  We also assist with corporate advisory services to prepare for transition to the Capital Markets and beyond. The x10 taskforce works ON the business and IN the business as needed, while the founders of the business and their team continue to work IN the business.

The x10 journey for the business continues with the new public structure and we provide ongoing guidance to the business to drive exponential growth.


Driving exponential growth. Accelerating access to public capital markets.