It’s no secret that it usually takes substantial capital to build a business, especially if you’re trying to build a serious global business quickly.  Are Public Capital Markets the answer for you?

Be careful. Get help.

Accessing public capital markets via an IPO (Initial Public Offering) or an RTO (Reverse Take Over) back-door listing can make perfect sense, but you need to have the right business – and help from experienced advisors you can trust.


Avoid Excessive Dilution

You will need to share your equity, but you don’t want to suffer from excessive dilution of your shareholding.

Private investors often demand significant discounts for investing in a private company whose shares are not liquid (i.e. easily tradeable). It is risky for investors in your private company to hold shares that are difficult to sell, especially without an agreed exit strategy.

It is very easy for founders to be excessively diluted before they have raised sufficient investment capital to give the business real traction in the marketplace. This is especially true if you seek investments from traditional Venture Capitalists.  You may be much better off with long-term strategic investors and experienced partners who bring both capital and the guidance to build the business quickly.

A well-structured IPO or RTO provides the ability to raise less expensive, less diluting investment capital from public capital markets, initially and on an ongoing basis for your continued managed growth.  x10 PARTNERS help you fast-track this process.



(Image: Equity Fingerprint by Philip Baddeley)

Achieve Your Goals Faster

Could you build the business and achieve your goals faster if you are not constrained by a lack of capital? What additional opportunities can you fulfill?

And of course, you are building a valuable asset, an asset that can be made even more valuable when you achieve liquidity through easily tradeable shares on a public stock exchange.

Valuable shares in your own company you can trade on the open market…


Build A Bigger Pie

Accessing the public capital markets via IPO or RTO can transform your previously private business into a ‘cashed-up’ public company vehicle with all the necessary resources and infrastructure for the next phase of your growth.

In a nutshell, it’s all about rapidly building a massively bigger pie – and enjoying the journey!



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