Who Are x10 Partners?

We are a group of experienced advisors and hands-on executives with deep networks into the technology and investment communities and a track record of driving innovation and global success in technology businesses.

What Do We Do?

We accelerate the growth of technology companies with global potential, then prepare and guide them through public listing or other significant capital events. We aim to create extraordinary value and returns.

How Do We Do It?

We work through a structured process to sharpen the business model and growth strategy, align the business plan and milestones with market valuation points and prepare the business for the public environment. We identify the best path to the capital markets, manage the process and source any required interim funding. We then guide the business up to and post completion.

How Do We See The World?

We see the evolution and development of a company like this:

x10 Partners Growth Matrix Diagram

Why Come To Us?

You are a company with exceptional growth potential and have already achieved meaningful market traction, revenue or earnings. You need a major capital injection within 12 to 24 months in order to realise your dreams. The venture capital community doesn’t ‘get’ you because you don’t look like the next Facebook or Uber and they don’t value the real competitive advantage you have created.

How Do We Engage?

We engage via a Business and Corporate Advisory Mandate and we charge a monthly fee through the acceleration stage (which could include sourcing interim capital) and an equity percentage upon a successful public listing or other significant capital event.


Driving exponential growth. Accelerating access to public capital markets.